Four Generation Photos

I've done this one before, too, but I love how many photos we have that show four generations of our family.

L-R: Else Hansen (Generation 2); Florence Hansen; Florence & Hans Jorgen's daughter (Generation 4); Hans Jorgen (Generation 3); Ivare (Generation 1).

Back: Bjarne Bordewick (Generation 2), Merle Bordewick (Generation 3), Mary  Bordewick (Generation 2)
Front: Harde Bordewick (Generation 1), mom's eldest brother (Generation 4), Lizzie Park (Generation 1)

L-R: Mary Bordewick (Generation 1), Mom (Generation 3), Me (on her lap) (Generation 4), George Bordewick (Generation 2)

Me (Generation 4), Dad (Generation 3), Holger (Generation 1), Nana (Generation 2)

L-R: Mom (Generation 3), Sis (on mom's lap) (Generation 4), Merle (Generation 2), Eliza (Generation 1), Me (Generation 4)

Sis (Generation 3), Dad (Generation 2), Niece (Generation 4), Nana (Generation 1)

L-R: Me (Generation 3), Mom (Generation 2), Niece (Generation 4), Sis (Generation 3), Merle (Generation 1), Aunt (Generation 2)

Visual Family Tree IV - The Jones & Howells family

Here is the Welsh branch of my family tree.

Daniel & Eliza's 50th with their three daughters, Marjorie, Merle, & Edwina, 1961

Nain with her three eldest grandchildren, ca 1943

Merle Jones ca 1939

Merle, Eliza, Marjorie, Edwina, ca 1930s

Eliza Jones ca 1930s

Jones kids, ca 1925
Edwina, Marjorie, Merle

Gabriel & Selina's 50th Anniversary, ca 1924

Daniel & Eliza with their eldest two daughters, Marjorie & Edwina, ca  1914

Daniel Jones, date unknown

Eliza Howells, ca 1900?

 Hannah & Benjamin Jones and their two daughters, May & Sophia, ca 1915

Howells family ca 1885
Back - Selina, Selina, Gabriel
Front - Eliza, Gwen, Hugh

Hugh & Ellen Roberts with Eliza Howells, ca 1886

And that's the lot! If you have any photos you think should be added, feel free to send them my way, or post them below. :)

Visual Family Tree III - The Bordewicks, Parks, and ancestors

Here's the Norwegian-Irish parts of my family tree.

George and Merle, late 1980s

 The remaining Park siblings at their nephew's wedding, 1967
Margie, George, Rhoda, & Mary

Mom's elder brother and sister with Bjarne, Mary, & George ca 1948

George and Merle's wedding 1939, with Harde (left) and Lizzie (right)

 George and Henry (aka Harry) Bordewick, ca 1930s

 Bjarne & Mary ca 1930s

Robert Park ca 1920s

Park siblings, ca 1921-22
George, Rhoda, Mary, Elizabeth (their mother), ?, Margie
Young George at front holding mom's hand

 Bjarne & Mary with Baby George ca 1918

 Mary, Margie, Elizabeth, Bessie, ca 1917

 Robert and Elizbeth & friend 1917 at their daughter's wedding

 Hans, Margie, Mary, & Bjarne on Mary & Bjarne's wedding day, 1917

Young Mary Park ca 1910s

The Bordewick Brothers & Cousin ca 1897:
Margit Olsen, Bjarne, Hans, & Harald

Harde Bordewich ca 1900

Henrick Bergithon Bordewick ca 1890s

Johan Petter Bordewich ca mid 1800s

The things missing here make me a little sad, but I'm still pleased we get as far back as we do, thanks to the Bordewick family photos. If you have any photos you think should be added, feel free to send them my way, or post them below. :)

Visual Family Tree II - Hansens and ancestors

Here's the second half of my family tree, the Danish branches.

Maggie and Marilyn with their Uncle Hans ca 1987

Hansens during wartime (or just postwar): Hansine, Karen, Maggie, Hans Jorgen, Florence, and Marilyn

Hansen kids with aunt Helga and her daughter Else, ca 1929

 The Hansen kids ca 1927-28: Marilyn, Maggie, & Torben

 Holger & Oline's wedding portrait

 Oline Hansen with her siblings ca early 1900s: 
Back - Oline, Herman, Maren
Front - Ole, Johanne, Hans

Holger Hansen and most of his siblings ca early 1900s:
Back - Aage, Hans Jorgen, Holger
Front - Hansine, Alfred, Adolph, Ida
(Missing - Hans Knudsen)

Jens & Else Hansen ca 1900s

 Rasmus & Maren Sofie Hansen with Hans ca 1890

Jorgen & Ivare Larsen  ca 1900s

Ivare and her sister Katrine (I believe), ca 1900s

 Hans Knudsen & Christine Jensdatter, ca 1860s

Several of these are my best guess, as I don't have any actual dates for them, just the dates I already have for the people in the photos. 

I really am glad we have as many as we do, though, thanks to our Danish family who have found or given us several of these. If you have any photos you think should be added, feel free to send them my way, or post them below. :)

Visual Family Tree I – The Hillingers and ancestors

I did this way back when I first started posting to this blog, but the pictures no longer exist where I linked to them, so time to try again.

My sister and I ca 1981 or so in Ashland, Oregon.

 The Hillinger Family at Christmas ca 1971 or so

The Hillingers skiing ca 1960 (my dad is taking the photo)

Dora and Alex with their first grandchild, ca 1948

 The Hillinger family ca 1933:
Back row - Sam, Dora, Ben, Alex, Minna
Front Row - Helena, Selma, Peppi

Feige Golda Kresch (nee Reich) ca 1929

 The Kresch sisters in 1919, Dora & Minna

Alex Seneft ca 1916-1918

 Leon (aka Lewis) Seneft, unknown period

And that is as far as I am able to go back on this side, tree or photo. If you have any photos you think should be added, feel free to send them my way, or post them below. :)

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This blog is maintained by two sisters who have had a life long interest in geneology.
Mika writes here mostly about our family (Hansen, Hillinger, Bordewick, Park, etc), and her search for more information.
Shannon mostly uses this space as a place to make the many stories written about and by her husband's family (Holly, Walker, Walpole, etc) available to the rest of the family, present and future.

Our blog is named Oh Spusch! mostly because Shannon is bad at naming things. The first post I put up includes a story about the time Walker's great grandfather took his whole family out to see a play and the littlest kept saying "Oh! Spusch!" No one ever figured out what she meant by that.