Matrilinial Monday – Ivare Kirstine Larsen

Photo of Kirstine & Jørgen found in a Vejle museum
Name: Ivare Kirstine Christensen
Called by Grandkids: I have a feeling my great-grandfather may have called her Bestemor. Apparently she was very fond of him. Otherwise, he and his siblings would have called her Mormor, as she was their mother's mother.
Birth: 1845 Vindbjerg, Denmark
Death: 1932 Vejle, Denmark
Spouse: Jørgen Larsen
Marriage: 1863 Vejle, Denmark
Children: Else Katrine, Kirstine, Birte Marie, Mette Margrethe, Lars Kristian, Maren Kirstine, Søren, Dagmar Augusta, Ane Marie
Parents: Kresten Christensen and Else Katrine Ivarsdatter
Siblings: I only know of one, though I know she had more: Katrine
About: Kirstine was born into a farming community, and I assume her father was a farmer, though at this moment, I know almost nothing about him, so that may not be true. At 18, she married farmer Jørgen Larsen, and the two proceeded to have nine children together, the oldest of whom was my great-great grandmother.
The one actual tale I have of her is when my great-grandfather was ill as a young boy. She lived in a house in town by that point, but they lived out in the countryside, and couldn't even afford to take him to town by cart, so his mother carried him all the way to town, and after he was discharged, he was sent to live with his grandparents until he was well enough to return home. According to his aunt Dagmar, this ended up being more than a year because Kirstine was so fond of him, and continued to insist that he stay.
She lived until the age of 86, and at the time of her death, her children had given her at least 18 grandchildren (I have limited info on several of her children's lives, so it is possible they had children that I do not know of), and at least 15 great-grandchildren.

Kirstine (right) with her daughter (left, grandson's wife, grandson, and their eldest daughter, ca 1926

Brick Wall People – Part 19 – Henrick Hansen

No Photo
Name: Henrich Hansen
Birth: 1793
Death: unknown
Marriage: 1819, Trondheim, Norway
Location(s): Trondheim, Norway
Relation to me: Henrich Hansen was my mother's father's father's mother's mother's father. Which makes her 7th generation before me.
Alias(es): none known
Parents: unknown
Spouse(s): Susanne Pedersdatter
Children: 1 known – Pauline Henrikke Roness
Other Family: none known
Details: Henrich Hanson is one where the names start to get blurred in my family tree. Given his daughter's name, I assume the Roness was a location appellation, and that he likely had it too at one point, just not on the records I have found. But because I have not found it in the records I have that show him, I am still a bit unsure if he is the father I am trying to find in this instance, as he is not listed in the family record that was compiled by one of the Bordewich family in Minnesota. He is listed on his daughter's marriage record, but the name is such a common name, it's hard to be certain I have the correct one.

I know nothing of his life, though I assume he was born in Norway, and will until I am proven otherwise wrong. Beyond that, I have almost nothing. I don't know what he did for a living, or where he lived, though it is likely he was located in Trodheim for a time, as that is where his daughter was born. I'd love to know more about him and his family, both with his wife, and what siblings he may have had.
1)      My first proof for Henrick is his daughter's marriage record. Without that, I would have had no clue even who to start looking for. It gives only his name, however, which got me little further.
2)      The second proof I have for him was Pauline's birth record. This gives only a bit more information, but it also lists his wife, which made it possible to find the third bit of proof.
3)      With his wife's name, I was also able to find a marriage record for the couple, though that gave me only a little more information, and got me no further back in Henrich's line.
As with most of my other brick walls, I have little BMD info, so I would love to get that better recorded. As I said above, I'd also love to know more about his life with his wife, and how many children they had, and who his parents were, and if he had any siblings. I'd also like to understand the Roness name better, as I'm sure there's something there that I am missing.

As always, if my family or anyone out there has any more information on this family, I'd love to talk to you about them. I'd love to learn more on any of them, if at all possible.

Matrilinial Monday – Christine Knudsen

No Known Photo

Name: Christine Jensdatter
Called by Grandkids: I assume my great-grandfather would have called her farmor, as she was his father's mother.
Birth: 1834, Thyregod, Vejle, Denmark
Death: 1918, Thyregod, Vejle, Denmark
Spouse: Hans Knudsen
Marriage: 1854, Thyregod, Vejle, Denmark
Children: Jens Christian, Ane Marie, Karen, Mette Marie, Knudmine, Jens Skov, Knud Peter Ingvard, Hans Christian
Parents: Jens Christian Pedersen & Mette Matisdatter
Siblings: Ane Cathrine, Christine, Mathias, Petrea Ane, Peder, Poul Christian, Christen, Karl
About: This is the level of my genealogy where I start to run out of substantive information. I know more about the other branch of my great-grandfather's family than I do about this one, and have three photos of his grandmother on that side, but none of this grandmother. Obviously, she lived in Vejle her whole life, and was surrounded by family until her death. Her husband was a farmer, so I imagine their lives were busy, and that they struggled quite a bit. Especially with eight kids to raise and feed.
She lived a good long life, though; she was 83 when she died. At her death, all 8 of her children that I know of were still very much alive, and all had started families by then. She had just welcomed her 44th grandchild into the world. She also had at least one great-grandchild before her death, and at least three more were born in the following year.

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