Surname Saturday 2.0: The Angells

Surname Saturday 2.0: The Angells

The Angell Family
The Angell family is on the Norwegian side of my family tree. I really know very little about it aside from what I have learned from others, though the stories are beginning to build. I do have two about Kaja aka Karen Angell, who married into the Bordewich family. Kaja was my great-grandfather's paternal grandmother, and aside from her marriage to Hans Henrik, I have one interesting fact about her, and one story that has been passed down about her.

Though I do not yet have the facts straight, the book I got from the American Bordewich branch of this tree mentions that she was adopted. I am not sure if Angell was her birth name, or if that was her adopted name. But it is possible it was both. During the period she was born, it was still likely that a child would be most likely to be adopted by relations than strangers, so it is possible that she may have been adopted by an aunt or uncle. But as of yet, I have no experience with adoptions, especially such old adoptions, so that will come later.

The story I have read about Kaja goes like this: Johan Bordewich, her father-in-law, had lost his wife to childbirth thirteen years before, and his daughters had taken up the control of the household in her absence, each in turn as the girls were married off. At the time Kaja married Hans Henrik, Hans's sister Elsie was in charge of the household, and as such, she sat at her father's side at the supper table. When Kaja joined the household, Johan insisted that she take Elsie's place at the table. For the first few meals, Kaja did so, but finally she insisted that Elsie take the place once more, as Kaja felt it was her due. Upon seeing Kaja in a different spot at the table, Johan insisted she return to the spot beside him, but she refused, telling him she was just fine where she was. Johan was not used to being told no, but after a bit more insistence on Kaja's part, he gave in. Though he was not pleased to be told no, he was impressed by his daughter-in-law's ability to stand up to him.

Before Kaja, I have a few more generations, but I know absolutely nothing about them aside from the names and dates I have gotten from others. I hope to learn more as time goes on, as I have learned about Kaja, but only time will tell if that will happen. All I can do is keep researching.

My Angell line for those interested:

* Hans Rasmussen Angel was born sometime before 1740. He married Ingeborg Michelsdatter Hvid. I currently have only one child listed for them. I have no mention of when he died.

* Rasmus Angel was born 1755 in Nordland, Norway. He married Dorthea Hansdatter Ellingsen sometime before 1784, and they had at least one child. He died 1791 in Nordland at the age of 36.

* Hans Angel Gronoen was born in 1784 in Nordland, Norway. He married Rechardina Hendricha Klaeboe sometime before 1834. They had at least three children: Karen Dorothea (aka Kaja), Ida, and Margelie. He died in 1845.
+ Karen Dorothea Angell was born 1835 in Helgeland, Norway. She married Hans Henrik Bordewich 1859 in Nordland, Norway. The couple had nine children: Leonharde Marine, Henrik Bergthon, Eivind Sofus, Richard Angell, Johanna Petrine, Harold Carlos, Alfred, Karen Robertine, and Helga Hagerup. Karen died in 1922 in Oslo, Norway. For details on her family with Hans Henrik, see the Bordewick Surname post.
+ Margelie Angell was born about 1845 in Nordland, Norway. She married Mathias Hagerup about 1862 in Nordland, Norway. The couple had one child I have record of: Karen Dortea Hagerup. I have no other records of their descendants. Margelie died about 1862.

What I don't know:

* Who Kaja's natural parents were.

* I'd also love to know more about this branch in general. What Rasmus and Hans did for a living, how many other children there might be in these two branches, and more firm birth, marriage and death dates.

More on this line:


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