Brick Wall People – Part 17 – Else Katrine Ivarsdatter

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Name: Else Katrine Ivarsdatter
Birth: unknown
Death: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Location(s): Vejle, Denmark
Relation to me: Else my father's mother's father's mother's mother's mother. Which makes her 7th generation before me.
Alias(es): None known at this time.
Parents: unknown, though her father's name is likely Ivar, or some variant.
Spouse(s): Kresten Christensen
Children: 2 known – Ivare Kristine and Katrine
Other Family: none known
Details: Else has been on my family tree with her husband from the beginning. She was added to the tree by my grandmother's cousin, who was her father's aunt's daughter on this side of the family. Unfortunately, the only other time I have seen her anywhere was on a family tree at Family Search that had some misleading information, so I have been unable to get further back.
I have no idea where to start looking, given the sparse amount of information on this side. Likely the family were farmers, and therefore there are likely few records on them. But I intend keep looking, though for now, this branch is on the back burner.
1)      The only proof I have of Else is the information given to us by our distant cousin, who would have been her great granddaughter. Aside from that, I have no other information on her.
I have no BMD information on Else, but I do know she was from Denmark because that is where this part of my family is from. I do have a record of her death in Vejle, so I know she lived there for at least a short time, if not before. I have not been able to find proper census information on this branch, though I do continue to look in hopes of finding some, but they are right on the edge of the time where even that is available. The best I can do is hope to find church book information for this family.

As always, if my family or anyone out there has any more information on this family, I'd love to talk to you about them. I'd love to learn more on any of them, if at all possible.


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