Genealogy Stats Update and More Resolutions for 2017

Time to update my stats again for the past year. I didn't really add a lot in my own family, but I did add my brother-in-law's family to my program, which definitely added a good deal to my numbers.

Overall Roots Magic Stats:
•    People 5260  – an increase of 532 people, which is more than double from the increase between 2013 and 2016
•    Families 1742 – an increase of 111 families, again, more than double from the previous change
•    Events 8999 – An addition of 1574 facts throughout the file, which is five times the previous change
•    Alternate Names 196 – 43 new alternate names, some of which may just be repeats. I'll have to look into these
•    Places 1425 – 203 new places, though again, I may need to see how many are just repeats written out differently.
•    Sources 390 – 109 new sources, which is definitely due to adding a new family to my tree
•    Citations 23455 – 320 new citations of those sources, which suggests to me I haven't been sourcing the facts in the new tree nearly enough. I'll have to work on that, too.

As I said, most of the changes are due to my brother-in-law's family tree, which I have to clean up, but still looks like it added a great deal to my file this year. Still finding new connections in the Scandinavian branches, too, but nothing significant yet.

Family Branch Stats:
Hillinger line
•    Still 5 generations, nothing new there
•    136 people (this may just be from a different style of counting)

Hansen line
•    Still 21 generations, ending with Nana
•    Still seems to be about 2000 people, according to what I managed with Family Tree Maker, though I may have mucked that up. There really doesn't seem to be a good report for this. At least, nothing easily done.

Bordewick line
•    Still 11 generations, ending with my mother
•    Again, seems to be just over 1000 people, according to what I can work out in FTM

Jones line
•    No changes in number here, either. Still 6 generations, ending with my grandmother
•    397 people according to my program, which is over 100 new people, so either I miscounted, or I've added more people on this line than I realized.

Then there are my brother-in-law's lines:

Nelson line
•    4 generations currently, ending with my brother-in-law's father
•    Currently seems to be at 26 people.

Bergstrahl line
•    6 generations, ending with my brother-in-law's grandmother on his father's side
•    This line currently has 56 people

Matlack line
•    7 generations, ending with my brother-in-law's mother
•    This line currently has 74 people in my program, though I see lots more to add from Family Search

Holly line
•    6 generations, ending with my brother-in-law's maternal grandmother.
•    This one's the largest, with 134 people currently in the line, though like Matlack, I see lots more to add from Family Search.

As you can see, I added quite a few people with his lines, though that part is by no means finished. And I've got more work to do because of the resolutions I already stated earlier this week. But here are a few more goals:

•    Clean up the names in the database, make sure no one has multiple names that are just repeats.
•    Clean up the place database for the same reason
•    Finish pulling everything up from Family Search for any family lines
•    Add the Nelson, Bergstrahl, Matlack, and Holly lines to the Ancestry tree as well
•    Finish adding Citations to any facts that don't have them yet

I think with the other resolutions, that's quite enough, don't you?


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