A Centennial Memorial – 1879 to 1979

February 19, 1979

Dear Alice, Helen, Mary B and Mary K,

This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of our father. His grandchildren in some cases, never knew him at all, albeit some of the older ones in the Walpole family may remember him. It occurs to me that it would be timely and useful if all five of us wrote our recollections of AP and put them together in a little pamphlet to be given to all of The Boss's grandchildren. Wouldn't that be a worthy idea and a memorial to a great man? I think so, and hope you concur. The material by each of us could be as long or as short as we see fit, and while we each may cover something that the other one does, that would not matter, since it would be different in any event.

Please let me know if you will do your thing in this matter, and if you will not, I may pout with my green pout worse then you ever saw it!

Love from,

Forrest M Holly


A P Holly
St Louis, 1931

A Centennial Memorial – 1879 to 1979


Alanson Perry Holly

08/14/1879 to 08/21/1942

Prepared by:

Alice Holly Matlack, Nogales, Arizona
Forrest M Holly, Escondido, California
Helen Holly Brown, Ramona, California
Mary B Holly Higgins, Ashland, Oregon
Mary K Holly Pinkard, Roman, California


William Perry Holly -- 01/08-1847 to 10/30/1914
Eva L Cooper – 10/25/1852 to 02/20/1927

Brothers & Sisters of Alanson P Holly:

Duvillo Clyde Holly – 05/21/1872
Forrest Cooper Holly – 10/09/1874
Addie holly – 09/11/1880
Marjorie Holly – 04/30/1891

Alanson P Holly married in 1905
Mabel Elizabeth Barbour
04/11/1882 to 05/06/1964

Alanson P Holly issue are:

Elizabeth Barbour Holly – 09/19/1906
A P Holly, Jr (Bud or Lance) – 02/13/1908
Mary Bernice Holly – 07/06/1911
Helen Louise Holly – 07/22/1914
Forrest Merton Holly – 08/05/1918
Alice Janette Holly -- 06/21/1921


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