My pleasant memories of Alanson, “A P Sr”, “The Boss” and “My Father-in-law.”

The Holly family
Holly family - Websters Grove, St Louis, MO, 1925

A P Holly
Alanson - St Louis

De-Luxe Icecream
All stores that sold DeLuxe Ice Cream had this green lantern outside, as a Trademark. Some were later displayed at the Ramona Ranch.

My pleasant memories of Alanson, “A P Sr”, “The Boss” and “My Father-in-law.”

My first introduction to “The Boss” is probably the most memorable. It was quite an important event when new families moved into Ramona in the 30's because it wasn't an every day occurrence. So word spread quickly the “Holly” family were now new residents. We were anxious to meet them, especially because we were told besides numerous girls, there were also two eligible boys. However nobody had seen them. I was determined to try. Coming home on a hot day in August from Escondido, my friend Sally and I decided to make an attempt. We pulled into the Ranch House driveway on the pretense our radiator was boiling over and hopefully thought maybe the boys would come to our rescue. Instead a stately friendly gentleman in cowboy pants and hat, wearing laced up boots greeted us warmly and offered to fill our radiator with water. When it wouldn't take an ounce he smiled knowingly and asked if he could be of any further service. We stuttered more excuses and made a hurried exit. I was 15 and little did I realize that three short yeas later I would join the Holly clan.

An important occasion was PP's formal acceptance of me as a future daughter-in-law. AP came to my mother's home to ask permission to take me on a trip Los Angeles for a weekend. I hadn't met Mabel and AP felt it important she get acquainted with the young stranger her son was courting. The two days proved pleasant and successful. As naive and young as I was (16) we hit it off beautifully. I came home glowing with all the extra attention they showed me and felt a close bond because I knew they liked me. Sounds like a childish statement of needing to be liked, but I needed their approval for myself alone. AP told me several years later the trip was to try and discourage my feelings for Lance, but getting to know me, they changed their minds and from that time on encouraged the relationship.

Our first home was humble but its support was lots of love enclosed. It was always a pleasure to have AP and Mabel as our guests for dinner. They made me feel ten feet tall with the sincere compliments about my cooking. No matter how plain the meal, it was a feast because of their appreciation.

There were many times I didn't agree with my father-in-law and told him so. My arguments were always with respect but if I felt I was right, especially when it regarded my husband, I was willing to say so rather outspokenly. As I reminisce on this now I know we had a great deal of respect for each other because of my forwardness.

AP and I had another common bond. Our interest in Abraham Lincoln. We traded our treasures on Lincoln's life. I had been collecting articles from everywhere and AP had books and a scrap book he kept. AP gave me his pride and joy scarp book because he felt I would appreciate its contents the most. I was thrilled and so were my girls as they were growing up. They shared the book at school and even their teachers couldn't help but be impressed. They loaned the book to a friend and it was lost which makes me sad.

As AP the “Boss” and my father-in-law entered my life, he stepped out to enter a different life. I miss him, but on this his “100” anniversary he still lives for all of us to remember.

Mary K Holly Pinkard


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