KRESCH (German/Prussian)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Kresh is how I’ve always pronounced it, though I am uncertain of the true pronunciation. Meaning: 1. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): unexplained; perhaps an altered form of Krat(z)sch, a habitational name from Kratschütz, recorded in 1378 as Kracz. 2. German: from a personal name cognate with Old High German grātag ‘greedy’. 3. German: from the Czech personal name Kreč (Kretsch).

Origin: German/Prussian, I believe.

Variations: From the above, Kratsch, Kracz, or Krec, but we only have it spelled in our tree as Kresch.

Relation to me: My father’s father’s mother’s maiden name.

i: Kresch, Dora, 1892 – 1969, born in Germany, Poland, or somewhere thereabouts; Alex Hillinger, 2 boys, 4 girls

ii: Kresch, Benzion, born before 1882, died after 1892, unknown birth location; Feige Reich, at least 1 son and 1 daughter

Looking for:
Any information on Benzion and Feige (Golda)’s family—where they lived, their birth/death dates, how many children they had and where they were born, or their parents, would all be welcome.


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