REICH (Germanic)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Ry-k (at least, this is how I’ve always pronounced it in my head) Meaning: descendant of Rico, a pet form of Riculf (powerful; wolf); a nickname for a wealthy man.

Origin: All I know for certain is that this is from the Jewish/Germanic side of my family.

Variations: None that I am immediately aware of.

Relation to me: My father’s father’s mother’s surname.

i: Reich, Feige, Born before 1882, Prussian states somewhere, Benzion Kresch, at least 2 daughters, possibly 1 son

Looking for:
All I know about this family is this woman. I’m not even sure if she went by Feige or Golda or something else entirely, but her full name given on the tree I received from my grandfather was Feige Golda Reich. I have no birth or death dates for her, no marriage date to her husband, or any information at all about her parents. I do know that she had two daughters, and possibly one son (if I’m not misunderstanding family lore about coming to the US). So any information about her at all would be wonderful.


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