CURRAN (Ireland {Belfast/Antrim?})

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Curr-an Meaning: From Gaelic Ó Corraidhín meaning "descendent of Corraidhín", a given name meaning "little spear".

Origin: Irish

Variations: As of now, I only have this spelling in my family tree, but the use of the name varies wildly— O'Corraidhin, O'Corrain or O'Currain, Currane, Corran, Curreen, Currin and Curren.

Relation to me: This is my mother’s father’s mother’s mother’s maiden name.

i: Curran, Elizabeth, 1861 – 1954, Belfast, Ireland; Robert Park, 2 sons, 5 daughters

ii: Curran, Thomas, 1940? - ? – Ireland?; Jennie (Jean) Blair, 3 known daughters

iii: Curran, Francis, ? - ? - Ireland?; ?; only one known son.

Looking for:
Currently, I have the 1900 census for the Parks in Philadelphia, where all their children were born. I know of two other children who were likely lost within a few years of birth, as it lists the total number of children as 8, and one of the known children is not listed on the census. What I do not know about Robert and Elizabeth is when they returned to Ireland, or when they subsequently moved to Canada. I also need their wedding date, and the location where it took place (though at the moment, I assume Ireland).

For Thomas and Jennie, I only know a few facts for certain. Through a descendant I have the names of three daughters, including my great-great grandmother Elizabeth. I also found record of Elizabeth’s death in Vancouver BC, and her parent’s names were listed on that as Thomas Curran and Jennie Blair. In looking up more information, I found birth certificates for a total of 6 kids (I’ve yet to find my g-g grandmother’s) born to a Jean Blair and Thomas Curran, among a few other name variations. I believe the family to be from Antrim/Belfast, and I am certain of their three daughters, and of their own names. The daughters I have are Elizabeth, Sarah, and Rhoda. I’ve also found certificates for John, Thomas, Anna and Joseph. Any information on this family would be very much appreciated.

Found a wedding record listing Jane and Thomas's marriage and birth dates (just years, unfortunately, but it's still a start), and also listing possible fathers, so I've added his here.


ocorrian historian August 28, 2015 at 3:58 AM I am a curran, mums name was Elizabeth,(Nee Hughes,Caledon) dad was Robert, both dead, my aunt Roda married a Blair. Have you any links in Ireland as yet?

Elf Flame August 28, 2015 at 5:13 AM  

I haven't. Only what I know from the records I've found. Both my Robert and Elizabeth were born in Antrim, though I'm not sure if that was the city or the county on the records I've found.

Unknown January 10, 2017 at 11:10 AM  

hey, the curran surname is typically from galway in Ireland. However, my family (also Curran's) hail from Cavan.

Elf Flame January 10, 2017 at 6:34 PM  

Interesting. I'm hoping someday to learn more about that branch of my family, I only know what's in the documents I've found so far. But thank you.

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