JENSEN (Denmark)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Jen-Sen Meaning: Son of Jens

Origin: Danish

Variations: In this case, this is actually a patronymic, and has the usual variations. Though it shows as Jensen in some parts of my tree, in this case, the actual listing I have is for Jensdatter, the feminine form.

Relation to me: This is my father's mother's father's father's mother's maiden name.

i: Jensdatter, Christine, 1834 – 1918, Kokborg, Thyregod, Vejle County, Denmark; Hans Knudsen, 4 sons, 4 daughters

ii: Pedersen, Jes Christian, 1798 – 1876, Hastrup, Thyregod, Vejle County, Denmark; Mette Matisdatter, 4 daugthers, 5 sons

iii: Christensen, Peder, 1759 – 1830, Selde, Viborg County, Denmark, Catrine Pedersdatter, 4 sons, 2 daughters

iv: Jepsen Storgaard, Chresten, 1705 – 1767, Selde, Viborg County, Denmark; Mette Pedersdatter, 3 daughters, 4 sons

v: Michelsen, Jep, 1667 – 1745, Selde, Viborg County, Denmark, Anna Jensdatter, 3 daughters, 6 sons

vi: Eskesen, Michel, 1638 – 1716, Selde, Viborg County, Denmark, Kirsten Jepsdatter, 4 daughters, 1 son

vii: Christensen, Eske, 1602 – 1680, Selde, Viborg County, Denmark, Dorothe Mikkelsdatter Hontoft, 2 daughters, 4 sons

viii: Eskildsen, Christen, born late 1500s, Denmark?, no name known, 1 son known

Looking for:
Well…not a whole lot. I think I'm happy with staying with 13 generations for the moment until I've gotten a bit further elsewhere. :D Though if anyone does recognize Eske Christensen or his father, I certainly wouldn't mind learning more.

This name marks the start of the 5th generation before me, and it is also the longest-traced surname to date, with 8 generations from Christine to Christen.


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