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Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings presented another challenge yesterday:
"1) Do a Place Line. We're all familiar with Timelines - date, location, event, etc. I want you to create a Place Line for your life, or for the life of one of your parents or grandparents - your choice! In that Place Line, tell us the location (address if possible), inclusive dates (if possible), and events. Consider topics like residence, schools, churches, employment, etc.

2) Tell us about it in a blog post, in a comment on this blog post, or in a post on Facebook."

Magnolia, Seattle, WA, US - This was a house owned by my grandparents that we lived in for a short time after I was born, before moving to West Seattle. I've no memories of this location, but surprisingly lots of photos.

I believe this is my mom's grandmother Mary holding me outside the house . If you squint, you can see my youngest aunt (my dad's sister) in the doorway.

Arty picture of me in the yard of the house that dad took for a photography class, if I'm recalling right.

West Seattle, WA, US - After moving, we lived for a year in what I think was a duplex. Obviously, as this is one of the first places I lived, and we didn't live there long enough for me to truly remember it, I couldn't tell you much about it.

University District, Seattle, Washington, US - We lived here a for few years while I was growing up, until shortly before my seventh birthday. I started schooling here, attending University Heights for two years and a little bit more before transferring to a school closer to our new house.
We adopted a dog named Blacky while we lived here, who moved with us to Phinney.

Not a shot of the house so much as the inside, but I'm pretty sure this is there. Dad and i reading on the "couch."

And another I'm fairly sure dates from this house--I decided to see whether the pumpkin mom was carving was any good. What you don't see is my disgusted look after when I did get my taste...

137 NW 59th, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, Washington, US - This is the house I will always remember as "home." Most of my childhood memories were here. We moved shortly before my sister was born (May 1976--so sometime before then), and I have so many great memories of this house and this neighborhood...
This was the house I lived in during most of my schooling, first at John B Allen (the local school), then later at Summit K-12, where I finished the rest of my schooling. We moved between my Junior and Senior years at Summit, if I recall correctly.
We also adopted a cat we named Tinkerbell while we lived here, who moved with us to Queen Anne, then stayed with my sister for a time after she got her own place, then finally moved in with hubby and I in our place in Ballard.

All four of us on the front steps, shortly before the move in the mid-eighties.

And a full shot of the front of the house with mom and sis standing by the front door.

23 W Fulton Street, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, US
- This is where I finished my schooling, and even did a bit of my university schooling at Seattle Central Community College. It's also the house I lived in when I finally started dating my husband-to-be. It was a fun house. Some interesting nooks and crannies, but it never felt like home the way that the Phinney house did.

The kitchen in the house on Queen Anne was definitely an upgrade from the one on Phinney. Lots more space, a great countertop island, and even gas burners to cook on. This is mom and sis getting ready for Mothers Day/Sis's birthday gathering with both sides of the family.

Same day, shot of the back porch--the windows on the left look out from the kitchen, the window in the right was dad's study, if I recall. That's dad's brother and his youngest son, and their sister.

26th and 56th (I can't recall the exact street address), apartment #201, Ballard, Seattle, Wa, US
- This was my first apartment. It's where my husband and I lived for the year or two before our marriage, and for several years after. By this point, I'd already stopped going to college, but it was here that I began to work for the Seattle Chapter 13 bankruptcy Trustee, and before we left, I had returned to college with a new goal in mind--an English degree. It was a great location. Two grocery stores within three blocks distance, five or more (depending on how far you were willing to walk) busses that were lines that could get you almost anywhere in Seattle... The Library was only a block away, as was our voting location...and Downtown Ballard was just two blocks away, complete with shopping and restaurants... It was a great place to live. We even had an excellent view of both sets of fireworks that were set off each Forth of July--one over Lake Union, one over the Sound, separated by Queen Anne.

43 and Linden, apartment 101 Fremont, Seattle, Wa, US - After we left Ballard, we moved here, and I finished my English Degree here. A good deal less convenient than the apartment in Ballard, but I had a friend living in the building and we spent a great deal of time together in those years, so I always had someone nearby able to help when I needed a big shopping trip. It was a bit too much North of "downtown" Fremont, and really right on the edge of everything without being part of anything. But we had two great bus-lines running through that could get us most places we wanted to go.
Tinkerbell moved with us when we moved here, and when she passed, we adopted two new cats: Sebastian and Morgan, who are still with us today.

And, finally:
(Address removed for my own comfort), the conjunction of Crown Hill, Greenwood, and Carkeek, Seattle, Wa, US - This is where we currently live, right next to the QFC in Crown Hill that used to be known as Art's. Shopped there a lot as a kid because it was a big supermarket and because my grandparents lived right up the hill from it, so I still think of it that way, even though it's been a QFC for about twenty years or so now. We've enjoyed having an elevator here, and also being so close to the QFC. Even if it is a bit more difficult to get out of this area, we're pretty well taken care of as far as immediate needs go.
In fact, we liked it so much we convinced two others we know to move into the building as well--one of my friends (and subsequently her sister), and my mother-in-law.

And that's where I lived.

PS to my family--I'd love other stories, corrections, etc, if you have them. :)

ETA: Changed the first home to two places--Magnolia, where the photos were taken, and West Seattle, where we only lived for a year.


Miss Foodie2shoes August 15, 2010 at 12:51 PM  

"one of my friends", that's me!!!! And thanks for not posting the address! And I remember the Ballard apartment, I liked it. And the Fremont one too, but then again, I lived in a basement at the time so anything felt awesome in comparison!

Elf Flame August 15, 2010 at 12:52 PM  

Yes it is! :D It's wild that we've gone through that many moves together, don't you think? My two, and really, your two... :D

And now *you're* the one with all the space... ;)

Ellis August 15, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

The house we lived in when you were born was in Magnolia, not West Seattle. We moved from there to West Seattle, then moved to the University District (on 55th) one year later. The pictures you have of that period were all taken in the Magnolia duplex, which was owned by Nana and Grumpy owned.

Elf Flame August 15, 2010 at 3:16 PM  

Ah! I'd forgotten about Magnolia... I didn't realize Nana and Grumpy owned that one. Thanks, dad. :)

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