SCHRØDER (Denmark>Minnesota, US?)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Schro-der Meaning: German for "tailor."

Origin: German, though the side of the family I have this one on is Danish. Not sure if that means she was German, or just of German descent. Not sure how that might of changed as a Danish immigrant.

Variations: Forms include Schrader, Schroder, Schoroder, Schroter, Schroeter, Shroder, Scrodir and Shrader.

Relation to me: If I am correct, this is my father's mother's mother's mother's mother.

i: Schrøder, Birthe, ? - ?, unknown; Ole Larsen, at least one daughter, possibly two or more, and at least one son

Looking for: This was one of the first wall breakthroughs I've made in my family tree. Before this, things came easily or not at all. My great-great grandmother's name was Maren Sofie Olsen, so we can be fairly certain her father's name was Ole. We also have her date and place of birth, 27 June, 1855, in Slots-Bjergby, Denmark. When I looked her up in the new Family beta site, this couple came up as possible parents. Given the name, date and place all match, I'm inclined to believe that these are her parents, until I discover otherwise.

I have notes from Maren's son Hans about his grandfather stating that he had a farmstead in Minnesota, and that his uncle (that grandfather's son) had a farmstead there as well, and that he had a sister named Tina. I've tentatively put them in my tree until I can confirm the connections, but I'm hoping to find something more on Ole, who would then become the family earliest in the US, or at least compete for that fact with the Parks. I don't know if Birthe (Birthe Marie in my records) came here to the states with Ole, or if she died or they divorced—anything, so any information on either Birthe or Ole would be quite welcome.


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