Finding Oline Correspondance Part 2

Last week, I posted my aunt Marilyn's letter to Denmark to find out more about her mother's family, and their response. This week, I'm sharing the letters she wrote to her cousins and her Uncle who was still alive in the US.

(Again, I've taken out all the personal addresses below, even though most are likely no longer where my family lives, just for my own personal comfort)

[address redacted]

Mrs. Poul Hansen
[address redacted]

Dear Cousins Frede, Ulla, Ingrid and Katrine:

Today I received a letter from Mr. Niels-Jorgen Hansen of the Midtsjaellands Lokalhistoriske Arkiv in Ringsted telling me that I have 4 more cousins in Denmark. My family are as thrilled as I am to learn about you.

In adition, the news that Uncle Hans is still alive and is in the United States comes as a wonderful, great surprise. My brother and sister and I have fond childhood memories of him. I have written to him immediately to ask if I may visit him in Omaha, perhaps late in April.

I shall be traveling to Denmark late in May or early in June with two cousins from my father's family. We will rent a car and drive throughout Denmark fro about 2 weeks visiting family. Although the date of our flight into Copenhagen is not yet firm, I expect that we will be able to visit you the first week in June. Please let me know a day that is convenient for all of you for this historic visit, and we'll make our plans accordingly. I plan to stay in Denmark about a week after our tour.

I am sorry to say that I do not speak Danish, but one fo the cousins I shall be traveling with does speak Danish very well and will be our interpreter. Her name is Karen Margrethe. The other cousin's name is Elsa.

There are many questions I want to ask about your family, but I will leave them for our meeting. I am sending you a photograph of myself taken 4 years ago at my 60th birthday. I resemble my mother Oline very much. I will bring other family pictures with me, including some of my sister Margaret and brother Torben and their families.

When you write to me, please send a telephon number so I may call one of you from Copenhagen. Although I am mailing this letter to Ingrid, it is meant for all of you.

I will close with many greetings to you and your families and my great anticipation for our meeting in June.

Your cousin,
Marilyn Hansen Weare

March 21, 1987

[address redacted]
March 22, 1987

Mr. Hans C Hansen
[address redacted]

Dear Uncle Hans:

I am your sister Oline's daughter Marilyn.

I have recently been able to locate cousins Frede, Ulla, Ingrid and Katrine through correspondence with the Midtsjaellands Lokalhistoriske Arkiv in Ringsted, Denmark. The Arkivleder gave me your address.

I am so happy to find you after so many, many years, and I want to go to Omaha to visit you in late April. Please telephone me COLLECT at so we can talk about it.

Sister Margaret lives in Seattle, Washington now. She has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. She and I have each visited Denmark several times.

Brother Torben Skow lives in Cleveland and has 2sons, no grandchildren.

And I live in southern California. Luther and I have 2 married daughters and no grandchildren as yet.

Father Holger died on Christmas Day in 1977 in Cleveland.

I plan to go to Denmark in June of this year to visit cousins in Holger's family. Now I can also visit the cousins from Oline's side of my family. They know I am coming. What a thrill to have found them and you!

I am enclosing a picture of me taken in 1983, on my 60th birthday. I believe I resemble Oline very much.

It would be wonderful to see you again. Margaret, Torben and I have fond memories of you. I hope you will telephone me right away.

With love from your niece,
Marilyn Hansen Weare

Next: Letters from the cousins, from Omaha, and from the Ringstead Archives.


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