Finding Oline Correspondance Part .5

So I know I said last week that I would do the responses to Marilyn's letters from Omaha and Denmark, but then I went through the letters I had and found one that pre-dated my first entry here. So we'll call this entry Finding Oline Correspondance .5, then.

This is how Marilyn got the information that she sent to the Ringsted Archives.

April 6, 1986
Dear Maggie,

Here are copies of papers Marilyn asked that I look up for her effort to find where our mother came from. The death certificate seemed to be the source of the use of the name OLIVE. I think it is also on her gravestone. Then when I found the marriage license I saw Olive again. Followed by Finland and Asmus instead of Rasmus.

Under Oline, in 1929, her will was probated. It was written Oct 2, 1925 but gave no clues to her Danish heritage.

Found Holger's naturalization papers listing "Aline"s birthdate as 1889, born at Ringsted.

I thought you might be curious about these. Couldn't find Oline's naturalization papers.

Marilyn & Lu are taking a big swing thru the East and we expect to see them next month. They also plan to see T & L later – after Lu's 50th reunion.

The end of May we're going to visit N & see the home he bought last fall.

Hope you both are well as ever.


An exciting letter for me, because I didn't realize Oline had a will, so I'll have to look into that and see if I can get a copy. Could make for some interesting reading.

As for Oline's naturalizations, I have been told that wives didn't need to be naturalized so long as their husbands were, or were already citizens.

And some scans of the mentioned documents:
Holger's Naturalization information:
Their Marriage Documentation:

And Oline's Death Certificate:

Sorry they're a bit blurry, but any family members who would like a copy, I'm definitely willing to send the versions I have on my computer, which are much better.

Next week: The promised responses from Omaha and Denmark.


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