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A very short post today. I've got Marilyn's reaction post to her Danish trip after this as well so I'll have that to post next week. Beyond these two, the notes are scattered, so I'm not sure how much more I'll type up for now. I'll probably pop in periodically to do more, but I think after Marilyn's reaction, most of what I'll share will just be snippets, rather than whole letters.

If family have anything else to add to the search that they know about, I'd love to hear it. Every time I look at these letters, I find a bit more, so I wouldn't be shocked in the least to learn there's more out there. Genealogy is an ongoing process that can never reach it's ultimate conclusion because there is always more to find.

Next month (Tuesday), I will be starting NaNoWriMo, so my attention to Genealogy will be minor at best, but I do promise I'll be back, and hopefully I'll have all new things to share.

These letters in this post take place between the siblings' visit to see their Uncle Hans and Marilyn's trip to Denmark. The first is a letter from Evelyn to my grandmother about their visit to uncle Hans. The second actually takes place after Marilyn's trip, but before she wrote up her notes about it, so I've included it here as a link, since I actually wrote it up before.

As always, I've left any misspellings as they were written to preserve the feel of the original document.

May 29, 1987

Dear Margaret:

Your letter came sometime ago but have been busy so delayed answering. I feel I have known the Hansen family forever and sure enjoyed your visit. I'm so glad you wrote to Hans & this week he got a letter from someone from Cleveland & he remembered attending their wedding so word is getting around & mail is important to him although he doesn't feel capable of answering.

We went to our last graduation tonight. Our granddaughter graduated with honors & made the Nat'l Honor Society & got a letter in music. She will enter Nebr. Business School to learn court reporting. She wants to be a lawyer & figures she can pay her way with that skill.

Did you know Elk Horn Iowa is a Danish Community, the largest in the US? They had a big celebration last week. Several years ago one of the Danes bought a windmill, had it dismantled it & reconstructed it there.

This is the season for Eastern Star Luncheons so I have been visiting other Chapters. I don't know many in other chapters but they usually have interesting programs and it's nice to be among people.

Thanks for the pictures and I saw Marilyn's. Hans always shares his letters with me.

We took him cemetery on Memorial day.

Today my back was hurting so I didn't go to his room so Maral went up & then they came down & we visited in the lobby but I couldn't stand the smoking very long.

My cousin & wife came to visit Thursday. They live in Phoenix. My brother and another cousin came and we talked over old times like you folks did.

I sure miss the typewriter, Charles took it when he went to Ca. and he's not back yet.

Keep in touch with Hans. He still talks about your visit.


The second letter is one I wrote up in this post, which details part of Marilyn's trip to Denmark and a conversation about their maternal grandmother.

Next week: Marilyn's trip to Denmark


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