Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - The Ancestors GeneaMeme

Am a bit behind because I got a temp job this week, but until I can get more letters typed up, Randy Seaver posted his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, and I couldn't resist:

"Your missin, should you decide to accept it is to:

1) Participate in the Ancestors GeneaMeme created by Jill Ball on the Geniaus blog.

2) Write your own blog post, or add your response as a comment to this blog post, in a Facebook Status post or note, or in a Google+ Stream item.

Thank you to Jill for the SNGF idea! Jill is collecting Ancestors MeGeneaMeme entries too.

The rules, and the Meme list, is given below in my response."

Here's what I have:

The Rules:

The list should be annotated in the following manner:

Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
You are encouraged to add extra comments in brackets after each item

The Meme:
Which of these apply to you?

1. Can name my 16 great-great-grandparents
2. Can name over 50 direct ancestors
3. Have photographs or portraits of my 8 great-grandparents
4. Have an ancestor who was married more than three times
5. Have an ancestor who was a bigamist (not that I'm aware of at this point in time)

6. Met all four of my grandparents
7. Met one or more of my great-grandparents (Met three of them, as a matter of fact. And remember two quite well. I was lucky that way.)
8. Named a child after an ancestor
9. Bear an ancestor's given name/s
10. Have an ancestor from Great Britain or Ireland

11. Have an ancestor from Asia
12. Have an ancestor from Continental Europe
13. Have an ancestor from Africa
14. Have an ancestor who was an agricultural labourer (The Welsh and Danish sides were both heavy farming families)
15. Have an ancestor who had large land holdings (not entirely sure, though I think not. I think most family farms were fairly small-time, though I could be wrong.)

16. Have an ancestor who was a holy man - minister, priest, rabbi (Lewis Edwart was apparently very big in the Quaker church before they left Wales, and at least one of my Jewish great-great grandfathers, if not both, were Rabbis.)
17. Have an ancestor who was a midwife (unsure, though it would be cool)
18. Have an ancestor who was an author (unsure, but I do know that writing runs in the Bordewick family, at the very least. Google Fergus Bordewich.)
19. Have an ancestor with the surname Smith, Murphy or Jones (Mostly Jones. Though I think I might have seen a Smith somewhere. I could be remembering ex's family, though.)
20. Have an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng
(what, no Scandinavian ones? Or is that too automatic if you have Scandinavian roots?)

21. Have an ancestor with a surname beginning with X
22. Have an ancestor with a forename beginnining with Z
23. Have an ancestor born on 25th December (not that I'm aware of)
24. Have an ancestor born on New Year's Day (ditto)
25. Have blue blood in your family lines (who knows? I suppose it's possible.)

26. Have a parent who was born in a country different from my country of birth (both of them, actually. Mom was born in Canada, and dad in Germany, though he was born on a US military base, so he's a US citizen.)
27. Have a grandparent who was born in a country different from my country of birth (All but one, actually. Germany and Canada. The one born in the states was even born to immigrants.)
28. Can trace a direct family line back to the eighteenth century (two of them--one Danish line and one Welsh line.)
29. Can trace a direct family line back to the seventeenth century or earlier (Just the Danes.)
30. Have seen copies of the signatures of some of my great-grandparents (At the very least, Holger Hansen and Daniel and Eliza Jones, though I'd have to look through my papers to be sure.)

31. Have ancestors who signed their marriage certificate with an X (not that I know of)
32. Have a grandparent or earlier ancestor who went to university (My paternal granfather did get a degree, but I believe he's the only one. I'd have to check on my maternal grandfather, and I'm fairly sure none of my great grandparents attended a university.)
33. Have an ancestor who was convicted of a criminal offence (none I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean there weren't any)
34. Have an ancestor who was a victim of crime (my great-grandfather was killed by a motorist when he was crossing the street. Though I'm sure there were plenty more.)
35. Have shared an ancestor's story online or in a magazine (Many here in Oh, Spusch.)

36. Have published a family history online or in print (two books sister and I put together for our families.)
37. Have visited an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries
38. Still have an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries in the family
39. Have a family bible from the 19th Century (No, but I believe someone in the family still has the Howells bible.)
40. Have a pre-19th century family bible

So what about you?


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