2012 Genealogy Stats

So in the interest of seeing how far I've come each year, I think it's time to start doing yearly stats, just to see which family groups I've come farthest on. Most of these will be for my own edification, but perhaps someone else out there might find them interesting.

I'll break this down into a few categories: Overall stats, Family groups, and other comments.

Overall stats for Roots Magic File:
·         4490 People
·         1581 Families
·         7057 Events
·         149 Alternate names
·         1153 Places
·         230 Sources
·         22372 Citations

Family Groups:
Hillinger line
·         5 generations (plus one after me)
·         113 People

Hansen line
·         14 generations (ending with my paternal grandmother)
·         Over 2000 People (I lost count, despite trying to use a number of programs, but I believe this is the biggest line in my tree)

Bordewick line
·         11 generations (ending with my mother)
·         Over 1000 People (Also less certain, as it's still quite a large number)

Jones line
·         6 generations (ending with my maternal grandmother)
·         224 People
As you can see, most are in the Hansen, then the Bordewick lines. The other two are more descendants than anything else.

Major discoveries this year:
Hillinger – A few more records on the Seneft side, mostly in the 1940 Census, but also the Old Man's Draft cards for Alex, and Jack. Also, I discovered Dora's brother and his family in the Brazillian immigration cards, which was quite exciting. We also had an addition in the more traditional sense—my cousin's wife had a little girl.

Hansen – Nothing really new here. Lots of additions of information, but no big discoveries, though I have been working to firm up my information on Oline's lines. I did firm up a bit of information on a couple lines here because of the Surname Saturday posts, but no real new information.

Bordewick – No new info here, either, though I keep hoping to find more on the Park side. Again, a bit of firming up information due to the Surname Saturday posts, but nothing I didn't really know before.

Jones – Nothing much new here, either, and one loss this year: my grandmother. I also had a few distant cousin additions. My mother's cousin's daughter had a child, and another of mom's cousins, one who has been gone for a few years now, had her first great-grandchild at the beginning of the year.

I think I still have a few more additions from the old program to add, and I know I have at least a few more documents that I've printed out this year that haven't been added to the program, but definitely close to done with it. Between that and working on Oline's story this year, I think I'll have my hands full.

And as always, if you've got information on any of the above, I'd love to hear about it.

Wish me luck!


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