Surname Saturday 2.0: The Rasmusens

The Rasmusen Family
This is one of the newer branches on my family tree. In fact the one person I have with this name actually goes by Rasmusdatter. I presume she named her son, my great-great grandfather, after her own father, but beyond that, all I have is her name on several Danish Censuses. Maren Rasmusdatter married Hans Nielsen sometime before 1841, as she had a child by that time. The couple had at least six children according to the census records I was able to find, born between 1841 and 1854. Hans had a farm, Stubbegaarden, in Alsted-Flinterup, and after they retired, their son Rasmus, who is the third child I have listed for them, took it over.

I do know that the family's farm was in Sealand, the large island of the country, but other than that, I have no information on this family aside from the Census information until I get to their son, so I have no idea who her parents were, or where she was born, and only a vague idea of when. Nor do I have any clue if she had any siblings. But I do keep trying.

My Rasmussen line, for those interested:
* Maren Rasmusdatter was born sometime around 1819. She married Hans Nielsen sometime before 1841. They had at least 6 children: Ole, Niels, Rasmus, Jorgen, Jens, and Ane Lisbeth. She died sometime after 1880, which was the last census I could find her in.

* Niels Hansen was born about 1843. He married Marie Rasmussen, and they had at least one child, Kirsten Marie Hansen. I have no other record of this family.

* Rasmus Hansen was born 1845 in Alsted, Denmark. He married twice. First to Maren Nielsen sometime before 1870, then after her death in 1879, to Maren Sofie Olsen in 1881. Maren and his second wife had six children: Herman, Maren Hansine, Julie Oline, Hans Kristian, Johanne Kirsten, and Ole. Rasmus died in 1895.

* I have already detailed this family a number of times before, but Hermione, Maren and Oline all had children. Herman and Maren's descendants stayed in Denmark, and Herman took over the farm and raised his children there. Oline immigrated to America, and settled there with Holger Hansen, and they had three children there before her death in 1929. All of Oline and Holger's living descendants still live in the US today.

What I don't know about this family:

Almost anything. I know that Maren was born in the early part of the nineteenth century, and that she married her husband probably about mid-century. I know they had at least six children together, and that their son Rasmus took over the farm when they retired. Other than that, I have nothing. No birth date, only a vague birth location, no marriage date.

I would love to learn more about her family, and how many siblings she had. I'd love to know if they were from Sealand, or elsewhere in Denmark. I do know she was born there, but that does not mean that they were originally from the island.

Any help here would very much be appreciated, though I am always doing research on this line myself.

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