Matrilinial Monday – Feiga Golda Kresch

The sole photo we have of Feiga
Name: Feiga Golda Reich
Called by Grandkids: Likely Bubbe. I know she lived in Frankfurt at the end of her life, so at the very least, she knew my grandfather and most of his siblings before her death.
Birth: about 1870
Death: about 1929, Frankfurt, Germany
Spouse: Benzion Kresch
Marriage: unknown
Children: Naftali Mendel, Dora, Minna, and possibly two or more unnamed
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
About: I know only a little more about Feiga because of a few extra documents and because we have photos of her, not to mention the fact that Grumpy knew her as a boy. But truly, it's not a whole lot more in the larger scheme of things. I do not know for certain where Feiga was born, though I suspect she may have been born in the same town as her daughter, Czudek, Galicia. She married Benzion sometime in the late 1800s, and they had at least three children there, though I assume she lived there until moving to Frankfurt to be closer to her daughters after her husband's death.

Feiga was able to attend at least one of her childrens' weddings, as she is listed on Dora's wedding invitation to Alex in 1919. Beyond that, I know little more. She died in the late 1929s, shortly before things began to get bad for Jews in Germany. I know that three of her children survived the Nazi regime, though I speculate that any others likely died in the camps, or even before, during the round-up of Jews in the German-controlled areas. Her descendants now live in the US and Israel, and we may also have distant relations somewhere in South America, where Mendel's family escaped to right at the beginning of the war.


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