Brick Wall People – Part 20 – Susanne Pedersdatter

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Name: Susanne Pedersdatter
Birth: 1787
Death: unknown
Marriage: 1819, Trondheim, Norway
Location(s): Trondheim, Norway
Relation to me: Susanne Pedersdatter was my mother's father's father's mother's mother's mother. Which makes her 7th generation before me.
Alias(es): none known
Parents: unknown
Spouse(s): Henrich Hansen
Children: 1 known – Pauline Henrikke Roness
Other Family: none known

Details: I have one record less for Susanne than I do for her husband, as only he shows on their daughter's wedding record to Johan Bordewich. Also like him, I have no records before her, so she is the beginning of this line for me at the moment. I assume her father's name was either Peder or Peter, but beyond that, I have no clue where to start looking for her family. All I can assume is that she is of Norwegian ancestry. At least until I learn differently. I'd love to know where and when she was born, how many children she had, if perhaps she was married before Henrich (which I have noticed in cases where there are no parents for the wife on a marriage record).

1)      The first proof I have for her is Pauline's birth record. This gives very little information, but it was the first time I had found her name on any records regarding Pauline.
2)      She is also listed on her own marriage record, though that gave me little more information, and no information on her parents' names, unfortunately. As I said above, that leads me to speculate that this may not have been her first marriage, but that's pure speculation at this time, given how old the record is.

Again, aside from the info on her marriage record, I have no BMD info, so I would love to firm up those dates and also to learn more about her family in general. How many children did she and Henrich have? Did she have children with other men? Who were her parents? Did she have any siblings? All questions I'd love to have answered.

As always, if my family or anyone out there has any more information on this family, I'd love to talk to you about them. I'd love to learn more on any of them, if at all possible.


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