Brick Wall People – Part 22 – John Blair

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Name: John Blair
Birth: unknown
Death: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Location(s): Ireland?
Relation to me: John Blair was my mother's father's mother's mother's mother's father. Which makes him 7th generation before me.
Alias(es): none known
Parents: unknown
Spouse(s): unknown
Children: 1 known – Jane Blair
Other Family: none known

Details: Like Francis Curran, I only found John Blair by finding their childrens' wedding record, but unlike Francis, I have absolutely nothing else about him. He and Jane are the only two I have in this family, and I am not even certain he was in Ireland. The Blair name is a very well-known Scots name, and while I know the two shared a number of names, it is possible this branch might have origins in Scotland.

1)      The only record of John is his daughter's marriage record to Thomas Curran.

Again, I have no BMD info, and really no dates at all for this man. I'd also love to know the names of any other family members aside from his daughter, Jennie, particularly his parents, wife, and children. And I'd love to know for certain where John was born, and learn for certain if he is Irish or Scottish.

As always, if my family or anyone out there has any more information on this family, I'd love to talk to you about them. I'd love to learn more on any of them, if at all possible.

And for now, that's as far as I'm going to take this. Most of the rest of my dead ends are Danish and Norwegian now, and I think 7 generations is enough to be researching. Still, if you know anything about any of the people in this series, I'd love to talk to you about them and what you have. And for everyone who's read these, thank you for following.


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