BORDEWICK (Norway>Belgium>Canada>US)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Bord-wick. Meaning: Have been unable at this time to find a specific meaning, though we believe it is a place name surname.

Origin: We have always assumed the name was Germanic or Scandinavian in origin (though I have been told by a friend recently it definitely sounds odd for a Scandinavian name). We have no absolute proof of either, though. And in my search for more, I stumbled on a possible connection to Scotland, the Borthwick family, which may or may not be related, and if so, may be the origin of the name.
ETA: My grandfather believed the name came from Bardowick, Germany. He did type up a paper on the city, which I will type up at a later date.

Variations: Bordewich (others here Borthwick Variants which may or may not have any relationship to Bordewick). We’re not sure precisely when the name change occurred, though we believe it was somewhere around the Boar Wars to WWI that the change was likely to occur, though it may have occurred well before.

Relation to me: My mother’s maiden name.

i: Bordewick, R; (private), Canada; E Hillinger, 2 daughters

ii: Bordewick, George; 1918-1991; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Merle Jones; 2 sons, 2 daughters

iii: Bordewick, Bjarne; 1888-1950, Lofoten Islands, Norway; Mary Park; 2 sons

iv: Bordewick, Henrick; 1862-1930; Vagan, Norway; Leonharde Bordewich, 3 sons

v: Bordewick, Hans; 1834-1893; Norway?; Karen Angell, 5 sons, 3 daughters

vi: Bordewich, Johan; 1802-1879; Norway?; Leonharde Linkhausen, 7 sons, 4 daughters; Henrikke Roness, 1 son, 3 daughters

vii: Bordewich, Hans; 1769-1813; Norway?, Anna Tiller, 3 sons

Looking for:
Any further information on Hans Heinrich Bordewick and his wife Anna Magdalena Johnsdatter Tiller and their family, particularly his parents.


Tender June 23, 2018 at 4:26 PM  

My Bordewicks came to the US from Darfeld, Westphalen, Germany. I did recently have an Ancestry DNA test and came up 20% Scandinavian which rather surprised me. Have been wondering if the source is Bordewickian. My great-grandmother was born a Bordewick.

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