LINKHAUSEN (Germany>Norway)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Link-how-zen Meaning: German for "Left House."

Origin: Apparently German, though I didn't know that until I looked up the name to find out the origin. Before that, I assumed it Norwegian, despite not sounding too Norwegian, because that was all I knew for this family.

Variations: Linchausen, which I also just saw today.

Relation to me: This is my mother's father's father's father's father's mother.

i: Linkhausen, Leonharde, 1809 – 1846, Norway; Johan Petter Bordevick, 7 sons, 4 daughters

ii: Linkhausen, Ditlev Anton, 1783 – 1845, Germany ?, Henrikke Oline Brunn, 1 daughter known

Looking for:
Well, I just found a tree that has more info on this branch, though I haven't had a chance to contact them properly yet, but if so, it will extend several more generations back for me, which is very exciting. I did not know that both sides of this family were basically from Germany, aside from Johan's mother. Should be interesting to see what I find about her side…

For those interested, the site I found is here.


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