HANSEN (Denmark>US) – Part I

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Hans-son/Hans-sen. Meaning: Patrynomic name meaning “Son of Hans,” or Johannes, which is the Danish form of John.

Origin: Danish.

Variations: In this family, none, but there are enough forms of this name that everyone knows a large number—Hanson, Hansson, Jones, Johnson, etc… I’ve actually got this name in several spots on my tree—both the Bordewick spouses and the Hansen spouses have variations on the name, and will be covered on their own.

Relation to me: My father’s mother’s maiden name.

i: Hansen, Margaret; born 1919, Chicago, Illinois, US; Sam Hillinger, 2 sons, 2 daughters

ii: Hansen, Holger; born 1891, died 1977, born in Vejle, Denmark; Oline Hansen, 2 daughters, 1 son

iii: Hansen, Jens; born 1858, died 1919, born Vejle, Denmark; Else Larsen, 2 daughters, 6 sons

iv: Hans Knudsen; born 1824, died 1902, born Vejle, Denmark; Christine Jensdatter, 4 sons, 4 daughters

v: Knud Knudsen; born 1794, died 1866, born in Denmark (?), Ane Marie Hansdatter, 1 son known

vi: Knud Madsen; born about 1730, unknown death date, born in Denmark (?), unknown spouse, 1 son known

Looking for:
As you can see, after the third generation, the name changes every generation, which makes tracing things a bit difficult. Anything from Knud Knudsen back would be very welcome, if anyone has information on he or his wife. I would like verification that he and his father were actually Danish born, or his mother’s name, or any children or siblings he may have had.


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