In Memory of Margaret Hansen Hillinger, 1919-2010

My grandmother passed away this week. I’m lucky. I had forty years with her, and the chance to interview her about her mother and her life.

She had a pretty impressive life. I know she didn’t think so, but I’ve always been proud to be her granddaughter. Not only was she a WAC in World War II, but she reached the rank of First Lieutenant, and went over to Europe after the war to help with the cleanup, where she met my grandfather, who was doing the same.

The two had four great kids together, and those kids between them had six children, and my grandmother was even lucky to live long enough to meet two of her great-grandchildren.

She died Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by family. And I know now that she is at peace. I miss her very much.

So I just want to share a selection of pictures of my beautiful, amazing grandmother.

Maggie with her parents Oline and Holger:

Maggie at home—the outfit was made by her mother, the house was made by her father:

Maggie and her sister and brother:

Maggie in the army:

Maggie and her sister:


Sam and Maggie:

Wedding day:

Sunbathing with their firstborn (my dad)

Maggie and her second-born:

More skiing:

The whole gang:

Maggie and her daughters:

First grandbaby (me):

Even more skiing:

Sisters again:

Four Generations—Maggie, her father, her son, and her granddaughter:

Maggie and her granddaughters in the 70s:

Sam and Maggie:

The gang in the 70s

And even more skiing:

Maggie and the grandkids in the 80s:

Maggie and her sister with their uncle Hans:

Maggie and Sam with all the grandkids in the 90s:

Maggie’s 80th Birthday at the Space Needle Restaurant:

And even more skiing:

Sam and Maggie’s 50th Anniversary:

Maggie and her sister with their respective husbands:

Maggie and (most of the) family with her sister and her niece:

Four generations again—Maggie and her son and her granddaughter and great-granddaughter:

Maggie’s 90th Birthday, August 2009 (with her great-granddaughter):

A link to my sister's post about Maggie.


Ciara Eirikswif May 30, 2010 at 3:48 PM  

such a beautiful memorial. Your family is lovely.

Elf Flame May 30, 2010 at 4:26 PM  

Thank you. We're not a huge clan, but we're good-sized. And we get on pretty well.

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