DUNLOP (Ireland)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Dun-Lop Meaning: the fort (dun) at a muddy place (Lapach) from the olde pre 10th century gaelic

Origin: Irish (Gaelic)

Variations: I'm sure there must be, as most Gaelic names often have Irish, Scottish, and English variants, though I don't have anything more than Dunlop in my tree at the moment.

Relation to me: My mother's father's mother's father's mother's maiden name

i: Dunlop, ?, ? – ?, Ireland?; John Park, 1 son known

Looking for:
As you can see, all I have in this line is the surname, but I'm hoping to have some kind of breakthrough here soon.

Miss Dunlop married her husband sometime around or before 1852, as that is when their son Robert James was born. I know he was born in Ireland, though I am not entirely sure where, as I have heard he may have been born in or near Dublin, but the woman Robert married was born in Belfast.

I've always had a suspicion that Dunlop was a family surname on the Irish line, as my great-grandmother (Robert's daughter) was named Mary Dunlop, and Dunlop was obviously a surname. Knowing naming practices a bit, I figured it had to be one of her grandmother's maiden names, though until I found Robert's death certificate, I had no idea which. Unfortunately, the death record only lists his mother's maiden name, and nothing else, so I know nothing more than that. When she was born, when she died (though it could have been any time from 1852 on, I suppose), and who her parents are. Because of my great-grandmother's name, I suspect that her name may have been Mary or possibly May, as that was what my great-grandmother was listed as on the US Census in 1900.

I have no names for any of Robert's siblings, though I assume he must have had some.

Any help with this side of my family tree would be very welcome.


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