RONESS (Norway)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Ro-Ness Meaning: Unable to find a meaning at this time.

Origin: For my family, this name comes from the Norwegian branch of the family.

Variations: None that I am aware of.

Relation to me: This is my mother's father's father's mother's mother.

i: Roness, Henrikke, 1830 – 1892, Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway; Johan Petter Bordevick, 3 daughters, 1 son

Looking for:
As you can see, I have only this ancestor on this branch.

In the original family tree I was given, she was named as Henrikke Roness, but on her daughter (my g-g-grandmother)'s baptism record, her mother is listed as Henrikke Ronts (I believe this is a miss-read of the original record, as it doesn’t sound Scandinavian to me. On that same record, her husband is listed as Johan Peter Bordeviksen, which is a bit too unique a name not to be my Johan Petter. Unfortunately, there are no parents at all listed on Leonharde's death record.

On their childrens' birth records at Familysearch, she is listed variously as Rones or Ronds, but always with the first name Henrikke.

From the Bordewich side of the family, I have birth and death dates and a location, and also the name of Pauline Henrikke Hendricsdatter Roness, which unfortunately gets me little further. Nor am I certain where they got this name from, as they got no further back that I can tell, and I no longer have contact with this side (though I am constantly looking for them again).

I have also begun running into another possible family with Johan as the head—I've found records for another Leonharde Marie Johansdatter born to Johan Peter Bordevick and a Magdelena Bruun Bordevick. So now I'm not sure if I have the right parents, or if these are the same woman, or something else entirely (though really, this is a very unusual name for Norway, so I have to believe that this is the same Johan Peter).

The date I have given for Johan and Henrikke's marriage is 1860, two years after the birth of their first daughter (Ida Amalie), while the Leonharde above was born in 1859. My Leonharde was born in 1861, so I'm relatively certain that the two are not the same, as his first wife's final child (she died from complications of childbirth, I believe, given the date of her own and her last child's death) was also named Leonharde Marine. The first Leonharde born and died in 1846, more than ten years before both of her sisters' births, if they are indeed both Johan's daughters.

Any help in sorting out Johan Peter Bordevick/Bordevickson/Hansen Bordevick and his families, would be more than welcome.

ETA: As of yesterday, I did find a record that listed her as Pauline Henrikke Ronæs, which one of my Scandinavian friends informs me sounds more realistic for that place and time than Roness. Still nothing else yet, though.


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