Visual Family Tree IV - Jones

Okay, so this still isn't fully together, but hopefully Shannon and I will manage to get some photos of my grandmother's childhood up soon so that I can finish this one. There are just so many great shots that I want to share.

[missing: Grandma and her siblings as children]

Ivor, Eliza, Daniel and Merle Jones

Gabriel and Selina Howells's 50th wedding anniversary:
Back: L-R: Jim Kay, Selina Cockrill (nee Howells), Esther Howells (nee Henderson), Ted Howells (behind Esther's shoulder), Mary Ellen Cockrill (behind and between Ted and Violet), Violet Cockrill, Winnie Kaye (nee Howells) (behind and between Violet and Cassie), Cassie Cockrill, Selina Cockrill (nee Howells) (behind and between Cassie and Eliza), Eliza Jones (nee Howells), Thomas Cockrill (behind Eliza and Catherine), Catherine Williams (nee Howells), Daniel Jones (behind Catherine)
Middle: L-R: Tommie Cockrill, Earl Howells (on Gabriel's lap), Gabriel Howells, Ivor Jones (on Selina's lap), Selina Howells (nee Roberts), Eddie Cockrill, Alan Williams
Front: L-R: Marguerite Kay, Merle Jones, Gwen Kay, Edwina Jones, Marjorie Jones

Hannah (nee Griffiths) and Benjamin Jones with their daughters May and Sophia

The Howells family while still in Wales
Back L-R: Selina, Selina Jane, Gabriel
Front L-R: Eliza (on Selina's lap), Winnafred, Hugh

Selina's parents Ellen (nee Pugh) and Hugh Roberts, with an unknown grandchild

Gabriel Howell's mother, Catherine (nee Jones) Howells


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