PEDERSEN (Denmark)

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Pe-der-sen Meaning: Child of Peder/Peter

Origin: Danish

Variations: In this case, Pedersdatter. Also the usual Scandinavian variants.

Relation to me: This is my father's mother's father's father's mother's father's mother's surname.

i: Pedersdatter, Catrine, 1761 – 1840, Ribe, Denmark; Peder Christensen, 4 sons, 2 daughters

ii: Terkelsen, Peder, 1715 – 1773, Ribe, Denmark, Anne Andersdatter, 5 daughters, 2 sons

iii: Knudsen Dovr, Terkel, 1675 – 1744/1745, Ribe, Denmark, Johanne Jensdatter, no children, Kirsten Nielsdatter, 2 daughters, 1 son, Margrete Pedersdatter, 2 daughters, 3 sons

Looking for:
Not sure what I'm looking for here. I would like to firm up these links, but this starts the seventh generation of my family tree, so we're now getting into the murky recesses of my family. Still, any information on these three families would be quite welcome.


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