SORENSEN (Denmark)

Something a little different today. I'm backtracking because of info I found in the records for Jorgen Larsen, given that I've always had his mother's name listed wrong. I've also gone back and fixed his father's name, which you can find if you follow the link. The rest of the information came from this record on, so take that as you will (which is to say, I have yet to verify this information completely, so don't accept this as absolute fact).

Meaning/Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Sor-en-sen Meaning: Child of Soren

Origin: Danish

Variations: Sorensdatter, I'd imagine.

Relation to me: This is my ather’s mother’s father’s mother’s mother's maiden name.

i: Sorensen, Birthe Marie, 1798 – ?, Vejle, Denmark; Lars Andersen, 6 sons, 2 daughters

ii: Sorensen, Soren, 1764 – 1838, Vejle, Denmark; Mette Christensen, 4 sons, 6 daughters

iii: Sorensen, Soren, 1734 -1811, Vejle, Denmark, Birthe Pedersen, 5 sons, 2 daughters

iv: Fastersen, Soren, ? - ?, Denmark?, Mette Sorensen, 1 known son

Looking for:
I have a record showing Birthe as my Jorgen Larsen's mother (same birthdate, same location, in a very small town in Denmark), so I'm 85% sure that this is the correct line, but I'd love more information if anyone has it.

This town in Denmark seems to be where much of this line is from for generations back, ending with my great-grandfather, so I will obviously have to look into the area more.


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