Brick Wall People – Part 7 – Hans Nielsen

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Name: Hans Nielsen
Birth: my records list his birthdate as about 1817 in Alsted, Denmark.
Death: Sometime after 1880, which was the last census I have been able to find him in.
Marriage: before 1841, which is about when their first child was born.
Location(s): Alsted, Denmark
Relation to me: Hans Nielsen is my paternal grandmother's mother's father's father, which makes him 6th generation before me.
Alias(es): None known at this time.
Parents: unknown
Spouse(s): Maren Rasmussen
Children: Ole, Niels, Rasmus, Jorgen, Jens, Ane Lisbeth
Other Family: Kirsten Nielsen.
Details: I know very little about Hans, and what I do know comes from two sets of records, but mostly from the Census records I have found on this family. It looks to me as though he was farming the land that my great-great grandfather eventually took over and ran until his death shortly before 1900. He seems to have handed off the farm to Rasmus before his death, as he and his wife are listed on one Census as the "elder farmer" (for lack of a better term), and on another all on their own. I have no information on any of their other children aside from what is listed on the census forms at this time, so I do not know if any survived childhood aside from Rasmus, though I have managed to find a couple marriage records for two of Rasmus's siblings. I do know that for a time, Hans's sister was living in their home, as she is listed in a Census around that time, listed as a widow.

That's all I am sure of about Hans and his wife. I do not know precisely when they were born, only an estimate from the Census, and I have no clue when they died. I'd definitely love to learn more about this whole branch of the family, particularly where the farm came from, and why it passed to Rasmus instead of his elder brothers.

1)      My initial proof for Hans came from Rasmus's birth record found at Family Search, but I was unable to confirm it until I had found several of the Census records I now have.
2)      My major proof for both Hans and his wife, as well as much of the rest of this branch of the family, comes from Census records, starting in 1850, and going through to the 1880 Danish Census. After that, I have no records of this family at all aside from Rasmus and his family.
I have no exact birth or death information for Hans, so aside from his sister, I know nothing about his family except that his father's given name was probably Niels. I would love to know if Hans was the first to own the family farm, or if he inherited it as his son Rasmus did. I would love to know if he had any other siblings aside from his sister. Most of all, I'd love to find more records about this family in general, as it seems to be a long-time resident family of this area.

If my family or anyone out there has any more information on this family, I'd love to talk to you about it. I'd love to learn more if at all possible.


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