Advent Calendar: George Bordewick

George Robert Bordewick

Born 1918, Died 1991, Aged 73
Lived in: Vancouver, BC; Bellevue, Washington
Married: Merle Jones
DE Bordewick
KE Bordewick
RA Bordewick
RH Bordewick

George Bordewick was the fist-born son of Bjarne and May Bordewick, born in 1918 in Vancouver BC. He and his younger brother grew up in Vancouver, and as a teenager, George became involved in a youth group where he met a girl named Merle. The two fell in love and spent many idyllic days together. When England entered World War II, George joined up, but before he left for Europe, in 1939, he and Merle married at her parent's home. He finished his training in Truro, Nova Scotia, Merle joining him there until he left for England. Their first child was born back in Vancouver while George was away at war. When George returned home, two more children followed. George took a job in accounting, and after the birth of their forth child, things began to be difficult for them in Canada, and so George set out to find a better job, eventually finding a job for the Brower Company in Washington, and the whole family moved across the border to settle in Bellevue, Washington in the early 1960s. After his retirement in the 70s, George spent more time fishing, a life-long hobby, and also working on marquetry pictures to pass the time. He also became more heavily involved in the Masonic Temple, eventually becoming Grandmaster, and leading the ceremony to set the cornerstone for the Tacoma Dome. Many Masonic programs still exist today in his honour. George and Merle traveled quite a bit until George fell ill with Cancer in the early 90s and died.


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