Merry Christmas: Around the Christmas Tree

For Christmas this year, I present shots of my family near the family Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Early Bordewick family Christmas tree. This is my uncle.

All four Hillinger kids in front of the Christmas Tree.

The Hillinger family minus one (who is taking the picture), Christmas 1964.

Me and Dad at Nana and Grumpy's Christmas Day, early to mid-70s.

Christmas Eve at the Bordewick household—Grandpa always read the tags to let me know who to give it to. This would probably be 74 or 75. Dad and the older of his two younger sisters are behind Grandpa.

Another Christmas Eve at the Bordewicks. The boy behind me is a second cousin, I believe. (and yes, there is a tree in that shot—it's the thing peeking out behind grandpa on the tv—it's just very small) I think this is 1976, because I believe Nain came down this year to spend it with us because my sister was born.

Me in front of our Christmas tree, probably Christmas morning, possibly 77 or 78. The dollhouse on my left was made for me by my father.

Me and sis with Dad's youngest sister, probably Christmas Day, at the Hillinger family home, late 70s.

The Hillinger family, Christmas day, 1981.

Nana, Christmas Day, mid to late 80s.

Christmas (Eve?) at mom and dad's 1994.

Hillinger family Christmas at the Lavinthals, late 90s.

Hillinger sibs and spouses, Christmas eve, 2003.

Grandma at the Adairs, Christmas Eve.

And my niece at home on Christmas morning last year.


Ciara Eirikswif December 24, 2010 at 3:56 PM  

Lovely family photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Elf Flame December 25, 2010 at 11:07 AM  

Thank you for looking.

Hoping your holidays are going well.

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