Advent Calendar: Rasmus Hansen

Rasmus Hansen

Born 1845, died 1895, aged 49
Lived in: Knudstrup Denmark; Fjenneslev, Denmark; Alstead-Flinterup, Denmark
Married: Maren Nielsen (died 1879), Maren Sofie Olsen
Herman Hansen
Marin Hansine Marie Hansen
Julie Oline Hansen
Hans Kristian Hansen
Johanne Kristen Hansen
Ole Hansen

Rasmus Hansen was born in the farming town of Knudstrup, Denmark, on the Island of Seland. It appears he lived all his life as a farmer. His farm was called Stubbegaarden, located in Alsted-Flinterup. He married not once, but twice, marrying again two years after his first wife died. He and his second wife, Maren Sofie had six children together, the eldest of which was born the year after they were married. In early 1895, when their youngest child was only three years of age, Rasmus took ill and died, leaving Maren on their farm to raise their children the best she could. Their eldest was only twelve years old.


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