Advent Calendar: Holger Hansen

Holger Skov Hansen

Born 1891, Died 1977, aged 86
Lived in: Vejle, Denmark; New York, New York, Cleveland, Ohio
Married: Julie Oline Hansen (died 1929), Rose Basch
Margaret Hansen
Marilyn Hansen
Torben Skov Hansen

Holger Hansen was born in Vejle, Denmark to Jens and Else Hansen. He grew up poor, and his parents often never had money for shoes, even in the winter. Because their farm made so little money, Holger's father taught him stonemasonry, and the two made extra money in their area using those talents. When a train station was scheduled to be built in Thyregod, the two bid for the chance to do the brickwork, and won the contract. The station still stands to this day. Holger used his part of the funds to buy himself a ticket to America, and in 1914, he took a boat to the US and settled in New York with his Tante Margrethe and Uncle Jack. He immediately found work, and did well enough to buy himself another ticket home in the next few years. While on the boat home, he met Oline Hansen, who was returning to Denmark to visit her family as well. When the two found themselves stuck in Denmark due to the outbreak of World War I, he took the opportunity to go court her, and when they returned to the US, the two married and settled in Cleveland. The two settled into a small community of Danes in the area. The two had three children together. Holger made a living by building and then selling houses. The family was quite happy until Oline took ill in early 1929, and died of pneumonia. After, Holger moved his children in with his brother's family while he built a new home for them, and soon after remarried. The Depression took its toll on Holger's business, and new policies made it difficult to continue, so Holger stopped building houses sometime during the Depression, but some of his houses still stand in Cleveland today.

I was going to post memories of each of the people that I actually knew, but I think instead, I will post a photo of myself with each, especially since I only have one very vague memory of Holger--waiting at the airport with Nana for him.I think I'm about six months or so in this shot.


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