Advent Calendar: Leonharde Marie Bordewick

Leonharde "Harda" Marie Bordewick
(Maiden name alternatively Johan Petersen, Bordeviksen, Bordevich and Bordewich due to changing naming traditions at the time in Norway, and to Anglicization of the surname. Her nickname can be spelled with an a on the end, but the traditional Scandinavian spelling would be Harde, pronounced the same way.)

Born 1861, Died 1943, aged 82
Lived in: Gimsoy, Norway; Lofoten Islands, Norway; Antwerp, Belgium; Vancouver, BC, Canada
Married: Henrick Bergthon Bordewick
Bjarne Bordewick
Harald Bordewick
Hans Henrik Bordewick

Leonharde was the second child born to Johan Petter Bordevick and his second wife Henrikke Roness. She married Henrick Bergthon Bordewick in 1887 in Trondheim, Norway, and the two settled in the Lofoten Islands to raise their three sons. However, in the late 1800s, fishing grew scarce, so the family moved to Belgium in hopes of making a better life there. After some difficulties, they chose to move again, settling in the boom town of Vancouver, BC in Canada, where their sons all settled and raised families of their own. Harda lived long enough to see her grandson George marry in 1939, and to meet her first great-grandson, who was born in 1942.


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